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CraftStreet Design - Inspirational Cuteness For Your Walls #whatififall

 “There is freedom waiting for you, On the breezes of the sky, And you ask 'What if I fall?' Oh but my darling, What if you fly?”

-Erin Hanson

Foraged : Violet Leaf Salad - Fresh! Available! & Grown in the Sun!

violet leaf salad

This is a salad I grew up with. I remember my mom collecting the leaves & cleaning them, but mostly I remember her enjoying the salad. I would enjoy it with her, but I don't think I truly appreciated it until adulthood. Now that I'm aware of real food, demand good food full of flavor, & know that our diets should contain far more variety than it does, I see this dish a a real treat - for my health and my tastebuds.


Violets are wild growing & edible. The leaves are heart-shaped and are a mild tasting. The nodding blooms come in a variety of colors like  purple, blue, white and yellow and are also edible. The common violet is packed with nutritional & medicinal value. 

Simple Luxuries - Glass Teapot Tea Infuser with Warmer #willowandeverett

I do tea daily. At least once. Normally it's a nice homemade chai mid-day and a cup of matcha or herbal in the evening. 

Benefits of Lugol's Iodine - B4B Lugol's Iodine Solution #Basics4Balance

For me the trick to health, real health, is in traditional healing. Our ancestors had good health. They had a deep and long passed down understanding of human well being - all before the medical technology we have now. 

#Tantino Flat Top Sunglasses - Summertime Swag

It's Summertime, do it in Tantino designer sunglasses

Matcha Green Smoothie Bowl - Beautiful Breakfast! #zenteimatcha

If you've been around on Pinterest or Instagram lately, you've seen the beautifully artful smoothie bowls - so many varieties, so pretty. 
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