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SafeBest Bicycle U-Lock Review #SafeBestBikeLock

Julien had his bike stolen a couple weeks ago. Actually my bike was taken first, right off our front porch. Mine was a word combo lock and I think I didn't twist to mix up my word very much. My lock was still in tact. Julien's was a number combo lock and they cut through his.

DIY { Father's Day } Photoshoot Guide

This Father's Day, I wanted to let him know how special he is to us. We bought gifts & planned his favorite meal. But I wanted to create something personal from my hands, passing through our hearts, so that he could feel a bit of us all in it.

Cariloha - Luxury Organic Bamboo Sheets - So Sustainable, So Soft! #organicbedding

Just like I think everyone should have some really nice pieces in their closet, I think everyone should have really nice bedding. Life can be hard, when it's time to recharge and sleep it should be good - like floating on a cloud good.

My Daily Chai Recipe - Relaxation & Health #domesticcorner

A part of my daily ritual, a cup of chai is a pause in my day. It often recharges me. 

VacciShield - Nutritional Support for Vaccinations

My oldest was fully vaccinated. I never really considered anything but. It was never discussed, just done. 

#GoTriNova Castile Soap - Unscented

Castile soap has so many uses - household & personal. You can add essential oils to create a personal blend based on particular need. A little goes a long way.
This particular brand I was sent to review has some questionable ingredients, so I will only be using for cleaning. Pure castile soap shouldn't.

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